If you feel you have a haunting in your home or business and would like us to come investigate, please choose one of the contact means below. If by email, we try to answer all emails within 24 hours, however, life does go on for us living and there may be times when we need up to 72 hours to respond. These times will be rare (usually Holiday times) but it can happen. 

Be prepared, when contacting us, to give us a brief rundown of activity that has occurred so we may assess what direction we need to take in the investigation. Also, if any witnesses were present to observe any phenomenon, please see if they can be available to answer questions as well.

Please reserve these means of contact for requesting investigations only! If you have general questions about spirit activity, hauntings, Ouija boards etc... please visit our Forum Board or our Facebook Page. There are many knowledgeable people there who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Please note also, these contact means are not a Psychic Hotline. Yes, there are sensitives, mediums, psychics and empaths in our group. NO, they will not give you a reading or hold a seance for you. Please don't ask.

If you are a member of a religious group wanting to tell us we're going to Hell for investigating the afterlife and employing sensitives and psychics, please re-read your Bible. Particularly the part about judging others.

Thank You.

Points of Contact:

LGIS Facebook Page 

Phone: (806) 786-4228

Text: (806) 786-4228​​


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