Excelsior Hotel-Jefferson, TX. -  Orb coming out of lower left corner of mirror.
Orb is in motion, leaving trail.
Jefferson Hotel-Jefferson, TX. - Orb next to stairway.

Ransom Canyon, TX. - Orb in backyard of home. Movement is easy to see.
Ransom Canyon, TX. - Next photo in series.
Canyon, TX. - Notice investigator at left hair flying upward.  All possible explanations ruled out.
Canyon, TX. - There is an unexplainable light streak above the closed doorway.
Levelland, TX. - K2 meter in hands of investigator during activity on bed in room of  home.
Same investigator's hand as mist moves across the bed and over arm and K2 meter. Almost an x-ray effect!
Levelland, TX. - Home's front yard with orb.
Canyon, TX. - Investigator records EVPs as orb moves nearby.
Canyon, TX. - Orb in same room minutes later.

Clairmont, TX. - Orb caught in the old courthouse. There was no activity near this spot to raise dust.
Clairmont, TX. -  Pink orb in window was later spotted with the human eye outside the window on the grass.
Lincoln, N.M. - Rich in both history and paranormal activity!
Lincoln, N.M. - Park where three men met their death prior to Lincoln County wars.
Lincoln, N.M. - Museum produced abnormal lights in this pic. At the top of the building, several lights are clustered.  It's been dubbed the "demon cat."
Ransom Canyon, TX. -  Even more orbs-a good mix of dust and energy.
Ransom Canyon, TX. - Note the form on the roof.
Possible person?
Lincoln, N.M. - Site of mass murder and one mass grave in the name of greed between two mercantile owners.
Levelland, TX. - Small blue orb on foot board of bed.

Brick furnace in abandoned house. Orb at top of photo just left of chimney stack is showing upward motion.
Photo of top of chimney with bright orb to right of stack.
Same chimney from a different angle.  Bright blue orb at top of chimney and small white orb showing movement near base.
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